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The $10,000 Hole-In-One

Yellowhead Grove Golf Course sponsors a weekly $ 10,000.00 hole in one
every Wednesday (Men's Day) on the 150 yard
par 3 fifth hole. In order to qualify you must sign-up and play the Men's Day. You will have to pay your regular or
men's days dues and also pay the toonie per round try for the hole in
one insurance. So for 9 holes it is 2 dollars extra and for 18 holes it
is an additional2 dollars for a total of 4 dollars for 2 cracks at a
chance for 10,000 dollar hole in one. The following rules apply:

Insurance states that you must be in greater than a twosome. So only
threesomes and foursomes can try. You must have it witnessed by a staff
member of the Yellowhead Grove Golf Course. The Yellowhead Grove Golf
Course provides a staff member on these 2 nights who watches this hole
to act as a witness. The hole must be 150 yards or greater, so we may
alternate the hole between the par 3 150 yard 5th. Hole and the par 3
205 yard 9th. Hole. The 10,000 dollar hole in one money is insured by a
local insurance agent and your 2 dollars per try helps pay for this
insurance. There for we want to make it as easy as possible within the
rules for the golfer to get this hole in one. We do not feel that it is
a matter of if but more a matter of when this will be accomplished. So
come on out and try your luck and you never know you maybe the lucky
golfer who comes away with $ 10,000.00.

Our regular Men's Day hole in one insurance is separate and
over and above this. See Men's night information page for
more details


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